Mr. Coffee’s Coffee Makers | Detailed Review | How To Use

Mr. Coffee is manufacturing coffee makers for a long time. They know every single thing about the taste of people like what kind of coffee people like, how it’s taste should be. Etc. Every time Mr. Coffee launches a new product, they receive positive reviews from customers because of their quality and prices.

Since 1970, Mr. Coffee is ruling over the market for their awesome products. In this article, we have reviewed some of the coffee makers manufactured by Mr. Coffee and also mentioned a process on how to use these models in your home.

Best Coffee Makers From Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Black

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Brewing a coffee with Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker is as easy as saying ABC. With no complicated controls, you can brew your coffee by pressing just one button. This coffee maker is capable of brewing 12 cups of coffee within a few minutes.

There is no comparison of the rich taste of coffee that you get with this coffee maker. Mr. Coffee maker is a brand that is in the market since 1970 and is well known all over the world for its quality products. This coffee maker uses paper filters that don’t create any kind of a mess while cleaning. Mr. coffee has enabled the “Auto-Pause” feature which enables you to grab a cup of coffee before the brewing process gets completed.


  • Dual Water Window for monitoring water levels.
  • Turn it on and your coffee will be ready in a few minutes.
  • Easy cord storage
  • Lift & clean basket.
  • Auto pause feature.


  • No customizations.

Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Coffee Maker, Black

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Mr. Coffee 5 -cup coffee maker is specially designed for small families. This coffee maker is designed so well that it won’t cover large space on your kitchen counter. The removable basket fitted inside is easy to fill and clean after brewing your coffee, further,

it never creates a mess on your kitchen’s shelf. This 5-cup coffee maker shuts down automatically after one hour of inactivity for power saving. A dual-window feature is available for you to make it convenient to monitor the water inside the water tank so that you can easily prevent overflow. Mr. coffee has given the “Auto-Pause” feature in this coffee maker also.


  • Cost-effective product.
  • Easy clean up of the machine.
  • Auto shut off feature.
  • Auto – Pause feature.


  • Not suitable for a big family.

Mr. Coffee 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

best mr. coffee maker reviews

This model from Mr. coffee is equipped with all the latest features that are trending in the market. The design of this machine is so compact that it can easily get fit with your small kitchen counter.

The very special feature of this coffee maker is that it is enabled with a programmable feature. By using this feature, you can schedule when to brew coffee. The carafe you will get with this coffee maker is ergonomic that is designed for easy pouring.


  • A reusable filter helps in saving costs and the environment.
  • Coffee made with this coffee maker is germs free as the water filter attached in it removes all impurities from water.
  • Covers less space on the kitchen counter.
  • Ergonomic carafe for easy pouring.


  • Overflow sometimes.

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker|4 Cup Coffee Machine|Drip Coffee Maker, Black

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This coffee maker is made for people with small families. Clear glass window indicate the amount of water in the water tank. The warming plate attached to this coffee maker is stain resistant that makes it easy to clean.

This coffee maker comes with 650 watts of power. A power on/off light indicator is given so that you keep in mind the coffee maker is turned on. Coffee made with this is rich in taste that no brand can compete.


  • Removable filter basket.
  • Power On/off indicator.
  • Auto pause feature.
  • Affordable price


  • Not suitable for a long time.

How to use Mr. Coffee Maker

#1. Clean It

First of all, you need to clean your coffee maker before using it for the first time. This coffee maker needs minimum efforts in the cleaning process so you will not be spending much time on cleaning. Just make sure you have washed every part of the machine completely. We have also explained the whole cleaning process at the end of this article.

#2. Add ground coffee

After the machine gets fully cleaned and it is fully dry, open the basket and add ground coffee into the filter.

Recommended: You can use fresh coffee beans and grind it yourself for more flavor.

#3. Add Water

After adding ground coffee, add water into the water tank. Use filtered water for quality taste. You can monitor the water level as the water tank is made of transparent glass.

#4. Turn it on

Lastly, turn on the coffee maker by just pressing the power button. You just have to wait for a few minutes and your coffee will be brewed perfectly with great taste.

Or you can also get the cup of coffee before the brewing process gets completed because of the “Auto-Pause” feature.