Best Dual Coffee Makers – You Need To Know in 2020

Every person wants their first cup of coffee well made in a short time. For this purpose, they use single-serve coffee makers for brewing coffee quickly. But when you have friends at home you cant brew coffee at once in single-serve models, you have to opt-in for large models that cover a lot of space on the kitchen counter. Instead of buying two machines, why not having a machine that fulfills both purposes. Yes, we are talking about 2- way brewers, that can be used for both single-serve and a full pot of coffee. This kind of model covers less space in your kitchen and gives your kitchen a new look. If you are looking for buying the best dual coffee maker, then you seem to be on the right page. Here, we have made a list of various best selling models of two-way brewers. For more deep knowledge of features of a good dual coffee machine, we have also included a buying guide.

Hamilton Beach 49976


                               Source : Amazon

The very first model in our list is from Hamilton Beach. It can brew up to 12 cups at once with its pot and the other single-serve brewer can brew with fresh grounds, single-serve also directly brew in the simple cup. With easy control buttons, you can easily set the strength of coffee according to your preference. Each brewer has their water reservoirs that come with windows so that you can see when its time to refill. All the attachments with Hamilton beach 49976 are dishwasher safe. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

 In our opinion, this model is best and also affordable. The other main feature of 49976 is that it can use both K-Cup and grounds for brewing. 5 years warranty provided to users just in case things go wrong, you can get a replacement for this product.


  • Separate water reservoirs
  • Auto shut-off
  • Spill Free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Both K-Cup and Grounds can be used


  • Extra shipping charges for claiming warranty
  • Covers extra space
  • Slow Functioning

Cuisinart SS-15


                               Source : Amazon

The Cuisinart SS-15 model is for those who are ready to pay a little high price for some premium features which are not available usually. This machine is fully programmable that enables you to set brewing time in advance, sets energy saving mode automatically and you will also feel blessed with its self-cleaning feature. You can also set coffee strength as per your preference. While other models come with simple filters, this model has high-quality filters that can be used for a long time and you don’t have to pay extra for paper filters.

 Just in case, if you have to stop the brewer immediately, an emergency button is provided. Like the Hamilton Beach 49976, it can brew 12 cups at once too. Cuisinart SS-15 has many variants, each variant has different carafe attached and different colors. The water reservoir is removable and the charcoal filter gives you more quality.


  • Fast brewing
  • Several customization options
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Both types of carafe can be used


  • Not a good design
  • Large in size



                               Source : Amazon

The DELONGHI BCO430 is a machine that is made for hot beverage lovers as it can brew coffee, espresso, and the main one hot chocolate. The machine is programmable and can be set in advance for brewing after 24 hours. The carafe attached to it is capable of brewing 10 cups at once. For further more quality, the water is filtered to provide more amazing taste.

 Even a first time user can access and operate this machine very easily as the control panel is easy to understand. This model also comes with a frother that steam milk for hot chocolate and an auto-pause feature for those who cant wait. As per our opinion, if you are getting all those great features with a little high price, then you should probably go for it.


  • Programmable
  • Auto pause
  • Easy to use
  • Brews 10 cups at once


  • Expensive than others

Cuisinart CHW-12

                             Source : Amazon

CHW-12 is another of the two-way coffee machine from Cuisinart. This model comes with a hot water dispenser, that can be used anytime when you need hot water for soups, tea, and other things. This is a 12 cup brewer that comes with a removable drip tray. Not for coffee lovers, this model is also valuable for those who love tea and cocoa. Each brewer has its own control panel and water system that makes it a best dual coffee maker.

 The self-clean feature makes it cooler as you don’t have to do extra efforts for cleaning. The carafe included with this coffee machine is made of BPA-free material. As we talk about Cuisinart, they are trusted manufacturers and they are providing 3 years warranty for this model.


  • Hot water dispenser
  • Separate controls for each brewer
  • Brewing timer
  • Temperature control


  • Extra payment for claiming warranty
  • Noisy

Ninja Hot And Cold Brewed System

                                 Source : Amazon

The Ninja CP301 brewed system is a premium brewer that can brew various kinds of beverages whether it's hot or cold. Yes cold, you can also prepare iced tea or cold coffee with this model. It has five different brew options which are classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, and custom, and also it supports six different kinds of cups from small cups to a full carafe. You just have to choose a brew option, it will automatically set temperature and timer.

 For example, if you choose cappuccino, it will set things without extra effort. You can make cold beverages within some moments. For more recipes, the manufacturers have also provided a recipe book so that you can do more experiments.


  • Smart basket filter
  • Supports both hot and cold beverages
  • Auto IQ one-touch intelligence


  • Large in size

Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker

                               Source : Amazon

This is another Hamilton Beach model on our list. Just like the 49976 model, it has also fully programmable features. The key differences between both of the Hamilton Beach models are that firstly the price tag, the price of 49980A model is half of the other model. The second difference is K-Cup, this model doesn’t support K-Cup like that model.

All though, this is a good option for 2 in 1 coffee machine at such price. This machine is also programmable so you don’t have to worry about little things.

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  • Affordable
  • Adjustment feature for coffee strength


  • K-Cup not supported

Things To Consider Before Buying

1. Coffee Variety

Every model has its own type of brewing options. Some models brew only coffee in both single-serve and carafe brewer, while other models can also brew tea and also cold beverages. If you are not a “regular coffee” drinker, then you should buy the model that comes with the option of brewing espresso and cappuccino.

 Therefore, select the machine that covers all your needs and preference. Else you will not be satisfied with the machine.

2. Size

Coffee makers can be used both in the office and kitchen. So consider size while choosing a coffee machine. If you have a small size kitchen, you can select the brewer which is compact and for big size kitchen or office, you can select large size model.

It's difficult to guess product size while buying online. So we suggest you look for product dimensions before buying.

3. Carafe Type

Most of the companies provide glass carafe with their models. The reason behind providing glass carafe is that models with glass carafes are cheaper than the models with a thermal carafe. To keep the coffee warm, there is a hot plate separately for keeping the coffee hot for a long time.

 But in a thermal carafe, there is no need for a separate hot plate. The coffee remains warm inside the carafe as it made of stainless steel. So if you are willing to pay a good price for the good brewer, then you should probably buy the machine that comes with a thermal carafe.

4. Water Reservoir

Always look for a model that has a large water reservoir attached to it. Nobody wants to fill the water reservoir again and again.

We suggest you consider the water reservoir. It will save you time as you don’t have to fill the water reservoir when you want to brew coffee.

5. Cleaning

Everyone wants to put fewer efforts while cleaning a coffee maker. You should also look for the model that is dishwasher safe. Thus, you don’t have to clean it manually.

6. Easy to operate

One important thing that you should consider while choosing a coffee machine is that it should be easy to operate. So you don’t have to feel like a mess while brewing your first cup of coffee. Some models have reusable filters that need to clean manually, but the good thing is about these filters is that you don’t have to spend extra money on paper filters

7. Price

The last thing that everyone considers is the price of the model. If you are looking for a good coffee machine that has incredible features, then you must have a good budget.

 Just in case, you have a low budget, then you should buy the model that has features as well as affordable prices.


As per our opinion, Hamilton Beach 49980A is the best dual coffee maker on our list. As it supports many sizes of cups and programmable capability. The Cuisinart SS-15 Coffee Maker is in second place because it supports K-Cup and comes with reusable filters that save your money as you don’t have to buy paper filters. According to us, the least model in our list is DELONGHI BCO430, because it has poor design and a large size which is not compatible with most of the kitchens.