Study Proves Cold Brew Is More Beneficial Than Hot Coffee

Most Americans like to brew hot coffee in the morning. Hot coffee helps in giving you an energy boost so that you can carry on the whole day. No doubt, hot coffee has more caffeine and can make you feel less stressed.

But according to research conducted by Thomas Jefferson University, it has been proved that hot coffee has more antioxidants than cold brew when dark roasted beans are used.

As per the research, cold brew is 67% less acidic than hot coffee. Apart from these facts, cold coffee has become very popular in recent years not only because of health benefits but also for its amazing taste.

Benefits of Cold Brew Over Hot Coffee

1. Easier to Brew

easy to make cold brew

Cold brew is easier to make at home. As per Emma Christensen’s recipe, you just need to grind the coffee beans, add water into the grounds and let it rest for at least 12 hours.

The next morning, your cold brew coffee is ready to drink with full flavor.

2. No More Spills That Burns Your Skin

Everybody hates it when coffee spills on their body because of several reasons. You must be aware of the fact that hot coffee is brewed at a very high temperature.

When it spills on your body, it may cause red burns on your skin or your clothes could get dirty too.

In this case, cold coffee is on your side as it will not cause any kind of burns on your skin but still it can make your clothes a mess. So take care of your coffee while drinking.

3. Looks More Attractive

good looking cold brew

Visiting a cafe and ordering that regular hot coffee is a normal routine for most of the people. But paying for cold coffee is and having a sip is rare for some people.

Many cafés in the U.S design their cold coffee so well that the people buy it on the fact that how amazing it looks.

4. Less Acidic

As we mentioned above, cold brew is less acidic than hot coffee. The main reason behind this fact is that hot water extracts more antioxidants from ground coffee than cold water.

In a recent survey, the majority of people stated that hot coffee is the reason for their heartburn disease.

5. Keeps You Safe

Drinking cold brew instead of hot coffee can prevent you from a heart attack.

According to Dr. Yogeswaran, Iced coffee is surprisingly helpful as it contains compounds such as caffeine, magnesium, trigonometrical, and phenol compounds that can work by both stabilizing your blood pressure, increasing insulin sensitivity, and lowering blood pressure.